202 trainee-scholars of Don Bosco graduated during its 15th Commencement Exercises, 11 of whom were SEDP scholars deemed to continually develop their technical knowledge and skills in their chosen field of specialization (agriculture, agro-mechanics and electricity).

They are as follows:

  1. Geraldine Alcantara, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III
  2. Ara Buenaflor, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III
  3. Jomarie Coros, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III (Best in Farm Laboratory and Best in Bookeeping NC III)
  4. John Robert, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III (Technical Excellence Award)
  5. Maydelyn Sebello, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III (Best in Attendance)
  6. Riza Villanueva, Agribusiness, Bookkeeping NC III
  7. Rey De Lumen, Agro-Mechanics, SMAW NC I
  8. Joberth Ortiz, Agro-Mechanics, SMAW NC I (Best in Attendance)
  9. Dexter Ranon, Agro-Mechanics, SMAW NC I
  10. Jomari Marco, General Electricity, EIM NC II (Best in Attendance)
  11. Arnold Kevin Lindio, General Electricity, RAC Servicing NC II

This is another fruit of the long-time partnership of SEDP and Don Bosco, which aims to help the young and their families to uplift their socio-economic conditions by giving scholarships and learn knowledge and skills which they can use in the future.

Scholarship Program is one of the value added services given by SEDP Simbag sa Pag-Asenso Incorporated to the children of its members who takes academic or technical and vocational courses.