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Business Loan (BL)

Business Loan (BL) is intended exclusively for start-up capital or additional capital for an ex...

Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL)

Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) is an incentive to members with good performance in terms of attendanc...

Special Loan (SPL)

Special Loan (SPL) is an accessible and affordable financial service that is intended to cater ...

Student Loan (SL)

Student Loan (SL) product is intended to cover needs for tuition/non-tuition fee or other schoo...

Members Security Loan (MSL)

The Members Security Loan (MSL) aims to respond to the need of members for social protection th...

Micro-Agri Loan (MAL)

The SEDP Micro-Agri Loan (MAL) aims to cater the agricultural sector engaging at least from mon...

Green Light for Light (GLL)

Green Light for Light (GLL) is intended for the acquisition of solar lamp products....

Savings Products

SEDP Inc. subscribes to the view that the poor can save. It also believes that a robust savings mobilization is essential to the program’s sustainability. The built-in savings mobilization scheme serves the following purposes:

  A. It imposes discipline on the group members in developing savings habit;
  B. It enhances capital formation and increased investment; and
  C. It provides cover to formal risks, seasonal variations in income, natural calamities, member’s sickness etc.

Thus, savings linked to credit policies provides a good incentive for the members to develop savings habit.

Micro Insurance

SEDP addresses certain life events and minor emergencies especially in times of death among members of their families. SEDP provides micro-insurance to qualified members through the SEDP-MUTUAL Benefit Association (SEDP-MBA). This is to ensure that families do not slide back down to the slippery slope of poverty. The Mutual Benefit Association does not only provide burial assistance to members and their dependents, but also loan redemption and loan refund.