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  • Scholarship and Education Assistance

    SEDP provides Value Added Services to its members to help them improve their spiritual, health and economic situations. These services are being rendered by the Members’ Development Services (MDS) Unit of SEDP.

    Education Services Program

    This service is two-pronged: Scholarship Program for College and Technical/Vocational Education students; and Educational Supply Assistance for Elementary and High School students.

    1. Scholarship
    This is being offered to children of members with good standing for 2-3 years (3 years for academic scholarship, and 2 years for technical/vocational courses).

    Aside from the financial scholarship assistance, the scholars are also being given formation activities to enhance their spirituality; and development trainings to improve their personality, confidence and personhood.

    For 10 years now, SEDP has graduated 320 scholars: 5 seminarians (one became a priest), 133 academics and 182 technical/vocational.

    Every year during the month of April, the graduates and board passers are given testimonial rite with luncheon.

    2. Educational Supply Assistance
    The Educational Supply Assistance is given to the members’ children who are in High School and Elementary. They are given school supplies during the start of the school year.

  • Formation and Mainstreaming Program

    As the second service offered to our members, the Formation and Mainstreaming Program addresses the mission of SEDP to improve members’ attitudes and values; foster better center relationships; and to provide holistic development of our members that would result to their integration and active participation in the parish programs and activities.

    For six years the formation program has reached out to 61,430 members with an average of 10,000 members every year.

    However, 100% of the members have undergone the formation activities through the weekly meeting per center being conducted by Community Development Workers (CDWs).

  • Health Care Services

    The third value added service offered by MDS is Health Care Services. Its main purpose is to increase the health awareness of members and to provide health care for them.

    Simbag Salud (Medical Mission)

    Simbag Salud, a social service activity offered to SEDP members/beneficiaries and to the poorest of the poor parishioners identified by the parish priest, includes medical, dental, optical and auxiliary services which are given for free. Medicines and vitamins are also given for free. The Simbag Salud is conducted once a month in different parishes. Furthermore, every Simbag Salud is coupled with a feeding activity for the patients.

  • Advocacy Program

    Advocacy program is an additional service provided by SEDP. MDS provides two advocacy orientation/training annually per area. The training revolves on the following topics: Disaster Management, Health Related Issues and Current Issues.

  • Other Services

    Relief Operations is being conducted before, during and after calamities as part of social concerns activity of SEDP. The main beneficiaries are the members, parishioners and staff; however, SEDP extends assistance when needed to other victims of calamities even outside of the Bicol Region.

Social Protection Services (provided by the SEDP-MPC)

Facilitation of SSS membership and claims
Availment of insurance from PCIC for 65 years old and above members
Provision of affordable water purifier

Enterprise Development Services (provided by SEDP-MPC)

Improve members’ entrepreneurial competence
Scale-up members’ business
Enhance members’ products
Link products to the market